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I believe traditional crafts have an important role in modern day society. It’s so important to preserve and value these skills for future generations and for our planet. Let’s keep these skills alive, let’s push them forward. Let’s create.

By hook, by crook.


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Slow Fashion

Crochet can be a long process! There have been a growing number of real crochet items on the High street in the last few years, which is both good and bad. Whilst it is encouraging to see the popularity of crocheted items and see crochet recognised as a craft in itself, real crochet cannot be reproduced on a machine. This means that apart from the 'lookalike' High Street items, the rest have been made by hand. People need to be aware of this fact before making their purchases. It is concerning to think about who has made this enormous amount of clothing and whether they have been fairly paid for their hard work as well as the time it must have taken, particularly to produce larger items or items in large quantities.

Buy Once, Buy Well

If you are interested in purchasing a handmade, crochet item, please consider approaching a maker and asking them to make a piece on commission with the ‘buy once, buy well’ premise. You will more than likely end up with an item you will wear for years whilst supporting a small business person. Another option is to learn a new skill and make it yourself instead. Once you have learnt the skill, the possibilities are endless and in the learning, so many bridges between people, communities and generations can be made. Check out my patterns I have for sale, or go to my ASK ZOE page for some help & advice.


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