Simon Jupp

Hello, I’m the Conservative MP for East Devon.

I was born in Devon and my family has lived here for generations. I will always stand up for East Devon and protect our community hospitals, strengthen our police force, push for investment in education and encourage new businesses to create jobs.

Simon Jupp’s voting in Parliament

Simon Jupp is a Conservative MP, and on the vast majority of issues votes the same way as other Conservative MPs

Simon James Jupp (born 8 September 1985) is a British Conservative Party politician who was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for East Devon in the 2019 general election.

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Obituary Published in DA Transactions, 1992. President of the Devonshire Association in 1978

Professor W. G. Hoskins, one of England’s greatest economic and social historians, pioneered the subject of landscape history and revolutionised the study of local history. But, as the success of his two major television series in the 1970s suggested, his larger achievement was to have left us all incomparably richer in our understanding of the past all around us.

Devon played a large part in all this. Born in Exeter in 1908, the son and grandson of Exeter bakers, Hoskins was educated at Hele’s School and the University College of the South West. From his earliest years he developed a passionate interest in the Devon landscape, which provided much of the raw material for his thinking and writing. He began to ask questions about the apparently ordinary elements of the local landscape: its field banks and boundaries, its deep sunken lanes, its isolated farmsteads hidden down long muddy tracks.

Obituary Text published in DA Transactions, 1949.

MISS ETHEL CLELIA LEGA-WEEKES, F.R.HIST.S., died at Varnello, her home in Exeter, on 7th April, 1949, after a very short illness, aged 85. Born in London to an American father, Ansel Weekes, master mariner, by an English mother, Clelia Lega, née Fletcher, Miss Lega-Weekes, through her maternal grandparents, was descended from William Fletcher and Antonio Zombelli, the faithful servants of Lord Byron in Italy and Greece. Educated at Aramattapoisett, Mass., she came to England as a student in the art schools. Domestic influences, mainly those of her Italian grandmother, fostered her intense interest in mediaevalism. From genealogical research she gradually turned to the detail of local history. She settled with her mother (who kept her in perpetual tutelage) in Exeter, and made a close study of the civic and ecclesiastical history of the city.

Exeter Memories John Graves Simcoe - first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada

"Due to Simcoe, slavery was abolished in Ontario, Upper Canada in 1793, during the second legislative assembly, and was the first place in the British Empire to introduce a ban, despite opposition from the British Government. He also campaigned, unsuccessfully, to ban slavery in Haiti, encountering fierce opposition from the British Government."

Ben Bradshaw has been MP for Exeter since 1997 when he won the seat from the Conservatives. Previously, Labour had only held Exeter once before between 1966 and 1970. Ben has held Exeter in all the subsequent elections, winning in 2017 with a majority of 16,117 over the Conservatives.

Ben Bradshaw’s voting in Parliament

Ben Bradshaw is a Labour MP, and on the vast majority of issues votes the same way as other Labour MPs. However, Ben Bradshaw sometimes differs from their party colleagues

Benjamin Peter James Bradshaw (born 30 August 1960) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Exeter since 1997 and was the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport from 2009 to 2010. Before entering politics he worked as a BBC Radio reporter.

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