South Street

Exeter Views Originally the South Gate to the city

South Street is positioned on an incline adjacent to the Exeter Cathedral with two roads leading off to this magnificent Exeter attraction. It has a variety of shops and places to eat that line both sides of the ascent into the city. Retailers include galleries, estate agents, hair stylist and a number of charity shops. On Thursdays, for those who wish to sample the local area produce, the street also hosts the Exeter Farmers Market on its junction with Fore Street.

Visit Exeter This is what makes Exeter so different from any other city in the region.

Away from the busy High Street you'll find a wealth of chic independent stores that you can't find anywhere else.

Exeter Memories This is the street that led from the Carfax at the top to the old South Gate, which was demolished in 1819. It was formerly called South Gate Street. From the Sacred Heart Church at Bear Street to Kalendar Lane was known as Bell Hill, while at the top was Cook Row or the Shambles, and was presumably a place to eat. There is a reference on Roques map to the whole of South Street from Cooks Row down being named Bolehylle-strete or Bolehill, which probably corrupted to the Bell Hill, already mentioned. Bolehill may originate from the name of the hill dropping from the Cathedral down Palace Gate, dating from the 13th century.


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