Green Minds aims to put nature at the heart of our decision making and inspire a new wave of citywide investment in nature based solutions.

This means fundamentally challenging our existing attitudes and behaviours towards nature: how we think about it; how we engage with it; how we work with it.

Over the next 3 years, Green Minds will test a broader, systems approach to delivering nature-based solutions in Plymouth (2020-2023). From the learning we will develop a kitbag of resources, tools and evidence for sharing more widely.

Working in partnership Green Minds will

  • Inspire people to connect with nature through delivering rewilding and nature-based projects on the ground that increase habitats and species diversity
  • Experiment with different delivery and management approaches that support community stewardship and green enterprise, creating ‘green mindsets’
  • Use science and creative digital tools to make nature visible and exciting
  • Evaluate our impact and communicate what we learn in innovative and creative ways 

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The Fairtrade Foundation awarded Exeter Fairtrade city status in 2004. This means that it is formally recognised as a city with strong support for Fairtrade by local residents, businesses, schools, faith communities and community groups.

We host a Fairtrade city steering group which co-ordinates promotional activities.

There is particular focus in Fairtrade Fortnight in early Spring. For ten years Exeter has received a visit from a Fairtrade producer who has met the Lord Mayor, spoken at a Fairtrade Dinner hosted at Exeter College and met the people of Exeter on the High Street.

In addition. regular activities have taken place at summer festivals, including Exeter Respect and at Christmas in Princesshay. 

In August 2016, Sidmouth was awarded Fairtrade status for its commitment to Fairtrade principles, thanks to the efforts of local campaigners.

Earlier in the year, a resolution was passed by the Town Council to actively promote Fairtrade to consumers, businesses and community groups in the area.

As part of the campaign, retailers had to pledge to sell more than four Fairtrade products and eateries had to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee. The campaign also secured support from faith groups and voluntary organisations, as well as lobbying businesses to promote the Fairtrade message in their working practices.

Fairtrade helps small-scale farmers ensure they earn stable incomes and have long-term contracts with companies. In addition, they earn the Fairtrade Premium, which they invest as the farmer-owned co-operative democratically chooses, in projects that will benefit their business or community.

Over 4,500 products are now licensed to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark, from food and drink through clothing and homewares to flowers, sports balls and jewellery.

Wendy Spratling, Coordinator of Sidmouth Fair Trade Group, says: “We are delighted that more and more Sidmouth shops and catering outlets are coming on board, and hope that consumers will support them by buying Fairtrade wherever they see it, and asking for it where they don’t. It’s a small change – but it can make a big difference!" 

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Exmouth has been a Fairtrade Town for ten years!

To celebrate, we were hoping to hold an Anniversary Dinner in 2020 and we might try again next autumn (if/when the pandemic permits it). 

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We are a small group in Dawlish with BIG ideas! Join our cause and help raise awareness of Fairtrade!

Fair Trade is a tool for reducing poverty in developing nations. It's a form of trade that builds equitable and long-term partnerships between producers in developing regions of the world and consumers in the north. Fair Trade guarantees many things including the following.

  • Producers receive a minimum set price for their goods, financial and technical support, healthy and safe working conditions, economic development of their communities, and educational opportunities for their children.
  • Consumers receive excellent products plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are actively addressing poverty, preserving the environment, and promoting an end to child labour.
  • The planet receives a chance at health and healing since Fair Trade actively promotes sustainable farming techniques, biodiversity, and bird and animal habitat preservation.

Look for these labels to know that your products have been Fair Trade Certified.

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We are very proud that Chudleigh has achieved Fairtrade Town status. Our aim now is to grow and develop the support for Fairtrade within the town.

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Teignmouth was the first town in Devon to achieve Fairtrade status. This page is to celebrate that fact and increase the awareness and presence of Fair Trade locally and globally.

Teignmouth Fair Trade Friends is a fairtrade group fighting for equality across the world, making sure everyone gets a fair deal and prosper.

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In September 2004, a group of like-minded people set up the first Fairtrade Steering Group for Torbay. Their aim was to raise awareness and support for Fairtrade, and to help Torbay achieve Fairtrade Borough status, which is awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation to areas that have made a significant commitment to supporting Fairtrade.

Torbay achieved Fairtrade Status in February 2007 thanks to residents, businesses, schools, local groups/organisations and our support.

In order to achieve Fairtrade status, Torbay continues to meet the following 5 goals:

  • Our resolution supporting Fairtrade and serving Fairtrade tea and coffee where possible
  • A range of at least two Fairtrade products are readily available in the area’s shops and local cafes/establishments
  • Fairtrade products are used by an appropriate number of work places
  • Attract media coverage and popular support for the campaign
  • A local Steering Group is convened to ensure progress and continued commitment to the campaign 

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The Brixham Fairtrade Working Group is a small but dedicated bunch of volunteers who came together in 2014 with a common goal of achieving and maintaining Fairtrade status for Brixham.

Brixham first achieved Fairtrade Town status in 2015 and successfully renewed in 2016.


Many of the businesses, churches and community groups in Brixham support Fairtrade trade. They use Fairtrade products and some sell Fairtrade products. This includes the Co-op stores and Oats Healthy Living and Café, both of which will amaze you with their variety and choice. At the Bay Coffee Company, the Berry Head Hotel, the Breakwater Bistro, the Front Room, the Hideaway, Millie and Me, the Old Market House and West Country Deli you can enjoy a cup of Fairtrade coffee whilst you are shopping in town or just strolling around. For the first time we have Brixham Airbnb joining us as a Fairtrade business.

Visits are constantly made to new cafes as they open in Brixham trying to encourage them to use Fairtrade products.

The town’s Fairtrade Group meets regularly to plan events in the town to promote Fairtrade. We are fortunate in having two Town Councillors as members of the Group with one being the secretary. Please continue to support the work of the Fairtrade Group by, whenever possible, buying Fairtrade goods from our local businesses. With Fairtrade you have the power to change the world every day. With one simple choice you can get producers a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their future and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.


The town’s Fairtrade Group is always looking for new members. If you are passionate about unfair trade and want to make a difference locally or to register as a Fairtrade supporting business, church or community group, please get in touch. 

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