The Deer Wood Trust is a not for profit organisation aimed at conservation and education, as well as benefits to the community, society and the environment at large. The trust represents a social model that is part of the pioneering movement towards a truly sustainable modern way of living in harmony with the land. The objective is to operate beyond “carbon neutral” via land based endeavours centred around tree cultivation. Efforts are also aimed at implementing activities involving volunteers and course participants that result in giving back to the natural systems more than is taken out. The net result is not just carbon positive but socially and ecologically positive too- a truly holistic approach to living as well as making strides towards repairing the damage done by negligent human activities.

The Site - This quiet 12 acres of mixed deciduous forest is a part of the land tapestry which makes up the Aller brook catchment that feeds into South Devon’s Avon River. After many years of neglect Deer Wood has now become a vibrant living example of our emerging contemporary British woodland culture. Managed in an ecologically sensitive and balanced way Deer Wood is a healthy and diverse home to a great range of trees, plants, insects and animals as well as it’s human custodians who live on site in a simple and sustainable manner in-keeping with the woodland environment.

Deer Wood Trust Loddiswell, near Kingsbridge, TQ74EE (308) (90)


Native and other broadleaf hardwood seedlings ready for sale this winter from our woodland nursery in Devon.

All the trees grown in Deer Wood nursery are from provenance seeds of known origin. We collect them ourselves and don’t outsource- they come either from Deer Wood itself as well as other ASNW’s and old hedgerows in the area hand collected by our workers. 

All our bare rooted trees are grown in our woodland nursery soil- they have had the very best possible start in life and inherently come with traces of healthy natural indigenous soil microorganisms already on their roots- If you are interested to know more about the incredible benefits of establishing living woodland soils for healthy native broadleaf trees there is much research over many years available on the internet.

We are a small nursery and therefore yearly stock numbers are limited and are ready for sale from late Nov Minimum orders of 10 + freight:

Bare rooted stock for winter planting-

60 - 90cm high 3yr old Oak from 75p to £1.20 each

60 – 90cm 3yr old Sweet Chestnut from 70p to £1.20 each

We do have some larger specimens of sweet Chestnut up to 1.5 - 1.8m, which we can do from £3.00 - £5.00 each

30 - 50 cm 2yr old Hawthorn and Blackthorn 60p – 80p each

Discount of 10 % if 10 or more purchased

* Potted trees in a variety of sized are also available all year round and are price on request.

Container grown “Woodland in a Pot” starting at £8

Minimum 3 plants for the price of one, in the one pot.

1 x 3 -5 yr old Deciduous woodland tree (of choice) – Oak Sweet, Chestnut, Hazel

Bluebell bulbs and or primroses

A fern or woodland sedge

All growing in a native microorganism rich, sustainably produced woodland based medium. Our own magic blend includes vital indigenous woodland micorrhiza to help get your trees off to the best possible start.

All proceeds are ploughed right back into the Deer Wood Trust

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