The Bioregional Learning Centre (BLC) works in South Devon in an area bounded not by political boundaries but by water. To the west the River Tamar that divides Devon from Cornwall. To the east the River Teign, to the south the sea and to the north the headwaters of our five main rivers that rise on Dartmoor and flow south. This geographical area is 40-50 miles in any direction and can be crossed in a car in roughly two hours. It contains some of the greatest human deprivation in England as well as some of the most beautiful countryside.

BLC has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to be a backbone organisation serving the sustainable and resilient future of this area. Our work lies in bringing statutory bodies, NGOs, individuals and communities together to address whole-systems change towards a flourishing bioregion. That means finding practical ways to work collaboratively towards long-term economic and ecological resilience.

ECOLOGY Engaging and empowering citizens to care for their environment and to work at whole-systems level.

ARTS Giving local people a greater sense of belonging and opening up the question of what it means to be a citizen of this place.

ECONOMY Promoting sustainable, low-carbon enterprise in this region as part of a long-term resilience strategy

LEARNING Creating a learning region that offers direct & enjoyable experiences of ‘real-world problem-solving’ to people of all ages 

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