Willand History Group was formed in 2001 with the objectives of (1) studying the history of our parish and its surrounding area, (2) collecting and preserving archive material, and (3) disseminating information through meetings, publications and other activities. It is a small and informal group (annual membership is £5) that currently meets ‘as required’ at Willand Village Hall to discuss ongoing projects, bring along new archive material and catch up on village gossip!

Members are encouraged to pursue their own research and interests or to join in with group activities, as they wish. Our most significant achievement has been publication of an illustrated history of the parish: The Book of Willand: From Doomsday to Millennium (Halsgrove, 2007). We have also held various ‘historical parish walks’, had a go at guided field walking, and held a number of exhibitions at the Village Hall, based on on-going research and material from the Willand Archive; themes from recent years include the First World War, family history, farming and artefacts unearthed by a local metal detectorist.


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