Responding to the needs of British woodlands, and the communities around them. That is the focus of our not-for-profit, based in the South of England.

One day, a human named Al was consumed by the sheer wonder of trees and disenchanted by the state of small British woodlands. He decided to start a woodland apprenticeship programme. In hindsight, this was probably not the best decision as he had no facilities, no direct experience of running an apprenticeship or any money.

The first thing he did was board a tiny boat (it was actually a plane) and sailed away to learn from those who were doing exactly the work he aspired to. With the help of WCMT he met with his heroes and sheroes, wonderful folk at Windhorse Farm, Healing Harvest, Coed Nant Gain, Northern Forest Centre. People who were doing the hard work of making small woodlands work in the 21st century.

Together they plotted to find a way to start a ‘treenaiscance’ in his home of Dartington, South Devon. Some wonderful souls decided to help this process and in October 2016 The Woodland Presents was officially born as a community interest company. This elite band of nemophilists (tree lovers) began the process of carrying out their mission to:

Enrich and expand woodlands
Help people fall in love with woods
Make things with British timber
Teach others how to do these things

So here we are, doing this work, however most of the time we don’t know exactly what we are doing until we are doing it. 

The Glade Parsonage Copse, North Woods, Dartington TQ9 6EH

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The Glade

The Glade is a woodland spot in the awe inspiring North Woods. Our aim is to innovate the type of activities that happen in forest, and bring a wide range of people into contact with trees.

We help arrange bespoke events for a variety of occasions from nature connection sessions, bush craft workshops, woodland events, private gatherings, music gigs, to week-long retreat camps and oh so much more. We’re very open minded and game for a challenge and welcome creative thoughts. Bring your idea to us, we’d be happy to speak with you.

We also put on our own bedazzling events, so keep your eyes peeling on our What’s On page and ears open on our social media accounts. 


Tree Radicals - A New Future for Trees and Forests.

Society has known we need expand and regenerate UK forests for a long time… so why has it not happened?

What are the best strategic interventions to make in order to help do this?

What if you joined a new team of skilled professionals to find out?

Tree Radicals is an invitation to become part of a diverse group of talented people, that are prepared to commit themselves to exploring pathways towards a new forest paradigm.

This will involve examining the policy, ecology, economics, attitudes and perceptions that underpin the current state of affairs, then exploring and resourcing meaningful interventions.

The goal is to influence our thinking, practice, and the ways humans interact with forests.

This has never happened before. There are no guarantees of what will result, but deep, rich learning and change is on offer.

Change our course. Become a Tree Radical.



Woodlab is the unruly offspring and much beloved project of The Woodland Presents. Broadly speaking, we’re trying to do right by British woods and support the people that work with trees and timber. We have a huge belief in the power of woodhubs to help restore woodland culture, and Woodlab is our little woodhub offering to the world.

After years spent travelling, researching, modelling and piloting, we sought to commandeer a knackered old tractor shed at Dartington that we’d had an eye on for some time. Having been joined by an amazing team, after much sweat, toil and tea breaks, we’ve breathed new life into the old girl once again. Now, the tools are sharp, the doors are open and the kettle’s on. 


Getting to The Glade...

The Glade is situated in North Woods, on the edge of the Dartington Hall Estate, South Devon. To be specific it is in Parsonage Copse, which is sandwiched between the back of Woodland Yard and the back of the Old Postern at Schumacher College. The closest town is Totnes.

Cycling is the best way to get to us, there are bike storage facilities on site. Whatever your choice, the Nest experience is a journey that starts as you enter the woods, we invite you to immerse yourself fully in it.

Several ways to take in the forest as you walk:

  • Breathe mindfully as you walk.
  • Listen to the welcoming birds songs.
  • Look out for the types of trees that surround you.
  • Stop, drop and flop. Arrive early, find a place you like the look of and sit for a while.
  • Pick up an object that catches your eyes (stone, flower, feather) and carry it with you to the site. Bicycle

If you want to travel to The Glade by bicycle, travel to Dartington along National Cycle Route 2 Bus

If you want to travel to The Glade by bus, the Stagecoach 88 bus and the Country Bus 165 bus stop at Dartington Church. These services run Monday to Saturday.

The Stagecoach GOLD Plymouth - Torquay bus runs every day. The nearest bus stop to The Glade is Dartington Shinners Bridge Train

If you want to travel to the The Glade by train, the nearest mainline station is Totnes one of these old-fangled car-things 

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