Do you care about people, planet and the future?

Do you want to hold our decion makers and big corporations to account, and ask them to create the change our climate desperately needs?

Do you want our fossil-fuel guzzling transport system to be reformed?

Can you cycle a few miles?

If so, lets get the powerful message of climate action and people power to the critical decion makers at COP26. Join the #ride2COP26, a movement of individuals travelling to COP26 purely powered by ourselves and our trusty 2-wheeled-steads.

Change of start time!!!

Due to the weather looking pretty ropey for early Wednesday morning and the forecast of thunderstorms, we have decided to push back the starting time to 10am. We will be meeting from 9.30 am at the Clock Tower in Newton Abbot.

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The Route

Think of People Pedal Power as a ‘tag team’ of people riding towards the COP, making as much noise therefore putting as much pressure as possible on the changemakers within.

It doesn’t matter how far you can ride, all we need is for you to:

  • Bring your voice
  • Bring both OPTIMISM (for the world you want to see) and OUTRAGE (for the things that aren’t being done) **
  • Get pedalling!

As we all know, Great Britain is a full of different terrains, weather and obstacles – many of which are not that friendly to a bicycle aiming to travel quite a long way!

In light of this, we have tried to plan the best and most accessible route possible. However the route is still up for tweaking as we move towards the ride.

Please sign up to the newsletter so you can be updated if their are any changes to the route, and as to when more logistical information is released for those riding is published and don’t forget to keep an eye on your inbox for other email updates as the movement evolves!

You can sign up here:

22.9.21 – At the moment we are having trouble displaying the route directly on the page, so for the moment please click on the link below to see the route.

The rough day-by-day plan!

Day 1 – 20th Oct – Newton Abbot to Taunton- 54 miles

Day 2 – 21st Oct – Taunton to Portishead – 60 miles

Day 3 – 22nd Oct – Portishead to Tewksbury – 63 miles

Day 4 – 23rd Oct – Rest Day

Day 5 – 24th Oct – Tewkesbury to Telford – 70 miles

Day 6 – 25th Oct – Telford to Warrington – 71 miles

Day 7 – 26th Oct – Warrington to Lancaster – 67 miles

Day 8 – 27th Oct – Rest Day

Day 9 – 28th Oct – Lancaster to Penrith – 56 miles

Day 10 – 29th Oct – Penrith to Moffatt – 69 miles

Day 11 – 30th Oct – Moffatt to Hamilton – 50 miles

Day 12 – 31st – Hamilton to East Kilbride (meeting other groups cycling to COP26 along the way) then onto Glasgow – between 15 and 25 miles

We urge those joining the ride or supporting in other ways to use public transport where possible if travelling to the ride. To aid this, many of the big stops on route have good public transport access such as trains.




16 year old youth climate activist Jessie Stevens, founder of the movement People Pedal Power, wanted to attend COP26 in Glasgow to have her voice heard and bring youth representation to a conversation often dominated by older voices.

With the carbon cost of flying proving unjustifiable, the train journey proving extortionately expensive and walking proving too great a tax on her time and education, Jessie has decided to make the 550 mile journey from the coastline of Southern England to Glasgow by bike. Concerned that the upcoming COP would continue to result in a lack of meaningful action, Jessie wants as many people to join the movement as possible to make a statement that politicians cannot ignore, demonstrate how ineffective the current system of travel is and highlight the importance of people-led decision making.

Document Jessie's 500 mile cycle to COP26 through film with as many people/voices as possible to make a statement politicians can't ignore.

The crowdfunding appeal aims to cover the costs associated with the production of a feature length film and sustainably cover the efforts of those volunteering to support Jessie on the cargo bike. This means all funding will directly contribute to the film through production, post-production, original nature-inspired music, co-production with Jessie and photography by James Robertson, whilst ensuring everyone who is supporting on the cargo bike has the means to travel to and from their home. 


Route through Devon on Day 1 

Newton Abbot - Dawlish - Exe Estuary Trail to Countess Wear Bridge - E2 to Broadclyst - Killerton - Bradninch - Cullompton - Uffculme - Wellington - Taunton 


Following #ride2COP26 through Devon on public transport

Think of People Pedal Power as a ‘tag team’ of people riding towards the COP, making as much noise therefore putting as much pressure as possible on the changemakers within.

It doesn’t matter how far you can ride, all we need is for you to:

  • Bring your voice
  • Bring both OPTIMISM (for the world you want to see) and OUTRAGE (for the things that aren’t being done) 
  • Get pedalling!

Spearheaded by Jessie, along each part of the journey people can join the movement for between 1 miles up to 50, as it passes their area. The aim is to create a joyful, positive ride based on reinforcing the need for sustainable transport and climate action from our leaders.

If you can’t directly join the ride, no fear! We still need you to help ‘shout’ for us, and with us!

Jessie urges those joining the ride or supporting in other ways to use public transport where possible if travelling to the ride. To aid this, many of the big stops on route have good public transport access such as trains. 


Getting from Chulmleigh to Cycle with Jessie

Top Row Left

There are no cycle paths from Chulmleigh so the choice is road or mud. Nick suggested road but I went for the track through the Forestry England Access Land at Upcott Wood. I had to push the bike most of the way - on the sections that I did try to cycle, I fell off twice. Cycling is very different to walking.

Top Row Middle

Keiran and I at Eggesford Railway Station. Spot the difference between the experienced cyclist on the left and me the learn on the right (note muddy knees). [Photo: Nick Withers]

Top Row Right

Changing trains at Exeter St David's. A big thank you to the GWR platform staff for finding the cycle spaces on the trains. [Photo: Nick Withers]

Middle Row Left

I learnt today that cycling is the bit that happens in-between the cake stops. We had some time to spare when we arrived at Dawlish Warren Railway Station. First gluten-free brownie at Forest Fungi, Dawlish Warren. The Velo Shack cafe had moved to winter hours so wasn't open on Wednesdays. [Photo: Nick Withers]

Middle Row Middle

Jessie Stevens at Starcross Railway Station. Great to see the people riding along or cheering her on her journey to Glasgow. Second gluten-free brownie at Teign Bean Coffee at Starcross Car Park while Jessie was being interviewed for BBC Spotlight.  [Photo: Nick Withers]

Middle Row Right

Map of Jessie's route along the Exe Estuary Trail from Dawlish to Countess Wear

Bottom Row Left

The entrance to the Exeter Ship Canal at Turf Locks. A Kingfisher flew out along the mud banks just before I took this photo. Talked to a birder about the birds he'd seen that morning. I must return here with telescope and camera.

Bottom Row Middle

At the swing-bridge over Exe Ship Canal at Countess Wear Bridge. I'm still a very slow cyclist so I arrived here later than the main group. I chatted with a few other people that had cycled with Jessie for part of the her route. I was just about to continue along the Exeter Cycle Route E2 when Keiran and Nick returned. They decided it would be a nicer route to follow the E1/NCN34 along the canal and River Exe to Exe St David's.

Bottom Row Right

Sustrans F2F regional co-ordinator Ellie Lins talking to Nick Withers, Green Party parish councillor for Chulmleigh, about the National Cycle Route, plans for the Boniface Trail and Active Transport in Devon.


What next...

Are you inspired by Jessie to take action on climate in your local area? There are many ways to start your journey to a greener life in Teignbridge. The following groups are just a few of the many in Devon that a finding new directions for our future, and for our planet.

Dawlish Against Plastic

We have achieved Plastic Free Community status from Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), for the Parish of Dawlish including Dawlish Warren, Holcombe and Cockwood. This is just the beginning of our journey to reduce plastic in Dawlish

We have some alternatives to plastic items for sale on our stall, We attend community events in and around Dawlish. Checkout our FaceBook group page for latest info. 

Teign Community Energy

We want people in the local area to become more aware of, and engaged with their use of energy, so that energy becomes as familiar as money.

How have we done this?

We have set up a Community Benefit Society (CBS). This allows us to help you realise your Renewable Energy installations, Energy Saving project or simply to raise your awarenes on Energy matters. TECs has a broad range of experience and wide network of individuals and organisations we can call on. We are a not-for-profit co-operative with a secure income, this allows us to offer most of our support for free.

How do we put our vision into practice?

As well as helping businesses, organisations or households put renewable energy installations on sites they own or occupy, we also want to work with you and your wider community to become more aware of your energy use.

By engaging with energy use, we are all more likely to understand and appreciate it. This can also lead to a change in our attitudes and behaviour when using energy, not just at work or school, but also when we go home. 

Community Action Groups Devon

We support communities to develop projects and organise events to reduce waste and promote sustainable living in Mid-Devon and Teignbridge. We provide direct support to community organisations as well as linking groups in the growing CAG Devon network to share skills, resources and ideas.

Projects include food surplus cafes, repair cafes, clothes swaps, composting workshops and skill share events helping people to share, swap, mend, reduce, re-use and recycle. 

Action on Climate in Teignbridge

We need to work fast to reach the targets set locally, nationally and globally to lower carbon emissions and prevent climate and ecological catastrophe.

ACT, short for Action on Climate in Teignbridge, was set up in 2019 to help residents and councils build climate friendly communities and sustainable economies across Teignbridge. ACT is working to understand the problems, identify the changes needed, share information and ideas, and propose effective actions.

 XR - South Dartmoor, Ashburton & Buckfastleigh

Just set up this group to start to help organise our local crew. Please invite friends and like minded folk to join. We will be organising gatherings soon and begin to gather support from our local communities. Lets come together and make a difference now

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

Facebook:  (387)

Mid Devon Cycling Club

Welcome to the Mid Devon Cycling Club, one of the South West UK’s largest and most active cycling clubs.

Formed in 1930, the club has a rich history and a reputation for producing some of the country’s leading riders including Tour de France riders Colin Lewis and Jeremy Hunt, Yanto Barker and Jonathan Tiernan-Locke.

However the Mid Devon isn’t just about elite competition and the club holds regular club and training rides (at 8 different ability levels), social events and trips to cycling events and sportives. We are a British Cycling registered Go Ride Club and our Club Mark accreditation acknowledges the standards we have met to ensure all our activities are ‘fully inclusive’. 


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