We believe in working together for the love of trees.

The Tree Council brings everyone together with a shared mission to care for trees and our planet’s future. We inspire and empower organisations, government, communities and individuals with the knowledge and tools to create positive, lasting change at a national and local level.

Help us champion trees, whether that’s by donating to support our work, becoming a volunteer Tree Warden, or visiting a remarkable local tree.


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National Tree Week 2021 27th Nov - 5th Dec

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, running from Saturday 27 November to Sunday 5 December. Across the country, people will be planting thousands of trees to mark the start of the winter tree planting season. How are you getting involved?

Plant a tree with us!

Trees and hedgerows are some of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against climate change. And the good news is that we can all make a difference by planting a tree! Whether you plant a tree in a pot on your doorstep, a hedge in your garden or organise a community event at a local park, every tree will help us grow a greener future together. Download our tree planting guide to find out more about what tree to choose, where to plant and how to do it!

If you want to plant as part of a team, why not get in touch with your local Tree Warden Network and find out whether they’re organising any planting events near you? 




Tree Wardens

A network of fantastic volunteer tree champions around the country.

Our Tree Wardens are local tree champions who plant, look after and stand up for the trees in their patch. Whether you want to get your hands in the earth and plant trees, raise awareness about trees in your local community, or simply be the eyes, ears and voice for the trees down your street, you have what it takes to be a Tree Warden.

What Tree Wardens do

Tree Wardens plant, protect and promote their local trees. No training or experience in tree management is needed – just a love of trees and a few hours to spare.

Tree Wardens are organised into local groups. Each group is managed by a co-ordinator and is autonomous, meeting regularly to decide what they would like to focus on. Some of the projects Tree Warden groups have done include:

  • Arranging local tree planting days
  • Pruning, watering and giving vital aftercare to local trees after planting
  • Working with local authorities to plant and care for our precious street trees
  • Rejuvenating local woodlands in need of management
  • Raising funds and identifying suitable land for local tree planting projects
  • Going into schools to talk to young people about the value of trees.


Tree Wardens - East Devon

Every parish in East Devon has a tree warden (or a vacant position for one!) and some have several. The parish tree warden is there to keep an eye on protected trees, to raise awareness of the value of trees in the local community and to encourage people to look after trees carefully. They often do this in conjunction with the parish council.

Some tree wardens also:
– Comment on planning applications relating to trees
– Get involved in planting trees in the parish or encouraging others to do so
– Survey trees or hedgerows in their parish
– Take local people on tree walks
– Involve school children in tree planting or growing trees from seed
– Encourage farmers to protect hedgerow trees or saplings
– Encourage sustainable management of orchards

A tree warden can do as much or as little as they like, depending on the workload in the parish and their own interests and available time. Tree wardens are encouraged to maintain close links with the District Council Tree Officers who can provide information about tree management, law and protection and data about which trees are protected within an individual parish.


Tree Wardens - Teignbridge

For information about this network please contact the co-ordinator.


Tree Wardens - South Hams

The current network was officially established by the Tree Wardens early in 2011. The new structure was in response to changes within South Hams District Council. The Network is an independent body, formally affiliated to the Tree Council, with a constitution agreed with the latter but with its members continuing to work closely with the tree office within the District Council.

The South Hams area has some 60 parishes lying between Wembury in the south west, Shaugh Prior in the north west, Marldon in the north east and East Prawle in the south east. It covers many locations on the south Devon coast but some parishes, and consequently tree warden activity, extend into Dartmoor National Park.

Our activities over the years have included all the customary ones e.g.”South Hams Tree Planting Year 2009” (with approximately 7000 trees planted) and a close association with the administration of the Tree Preservation Order system. This includes responses to specific requests from the council’s tree officer to make visits to see trees and report back.

In 2017 we intend to re-establish some formal training sessions for tree wardens that have diminished over the years. We have been actively recruiting tree wardens and it was felt that some training sessions would be helpful. The tree office, at SHDC, has offered to help offering to provide rooms and equipment if needed. Past funding for the network has been mainly from generous donations from the District Council..


Tree Wardens - Plymouth

Plymouth Tree Partnership depends on its volunteers, whether that means coming to an organised event to plant or care for trees, watering one or two new trees over summer or making a longer term commitment in respect of an area. If this interests you or you can contribute with particular skills or experience, such as web communications, funding applications or administration, we would be pleased to hear from you.

The Plymouth Tree Partnership is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registered charity no: 1161565) which works in partnership with others to plan and deliver projects that will leave a legacy of a greener, healthier and more beautiful city. We do this by:

  • Promoting the use of trees as a key feature in streets, parks, schools and public places.
  • Supporting resident and community groups so that they can plant and care for more trees – the right tree in the right place.
  • Sharing knowledge and information about trees and how they integrate with the built and natural environments.
  • Contributing to initiatives that celebrate the city’s heritage and culture.
  • Managing the Family Tree Scheme.
  • Championing our locally unique tree – the Plymouth Pear.
  • Managing a network of volunteer Tree Wardens.


If there isn’t a local network in your area and you would like to act as Coordinator get one started, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also get in touch with the Tree Officer in your local authority to discuss starting one.

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