Established over fifty years ago by a small group of volunteers, Devon Wildlife Trust is the only charity that exists to protect all wildlife in Devon and to safeguard Devon’s unique natural environment. 

Living landscapes

This is based on the Wildlife Trusts’ pioneering work into conserving wildlife at a landscape scale in the terrestrial environment, responding to the challenges of fragmentation and climate change. At its heart is a conviction that wildlife rich areas need to be bigger, better, more numerous and better connected. It encapsulates our aspirations for high quality habitats and the recovery of the species they support. 

Living seas

Approximately half of our biodiversity resides in our surrounding seas. Yet action to protect marine wildlife is decades behind conservation on land. With ocean environments in alarming decline worldwide and pressure on fisheries growing, it is imperative that we act now if we are to stop this trend before it is too late. Our mission includes designating areas for marine wildlife, managing the activities the take place within them and changing fishing practices so that marine wildlife can thrive in UK seas once again. 

Living with nature

This embraces our work with people and wildlife. Our aim is to change hearts, minds and behaviour so that people take decisions in the best interests of wildlife and engage with nature to enrich their lives. This might relate to the way people garden, the food they buy, the water they use or the way they spend their leisure time. We are not just looking for passive support; we want many more people to become actively involved with wildlife conservation.

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How is Devon Wildlife Trust fighting the climate emergency?

Our work protecting and restoring our natural environment is important in its own right, but it is also crucial in helping people and wildlife to adapt in a changing climate.

The challenges are huge but there is still time to create a thriving and sustainable future.

Devon Wildlife Trust has identified four main areas to combat the effects of climate change:

  • 1. Ensure our current wildlife and wild places are able to thrive - future biodiversity can only adapt and evolve from the biodiversity that survives today
  • 2. Reduce damage to nature from sources other than climate change - wildlife may be less able to adapt to climate change if other sources of harm are present e.g. habitat loss and fragmentation, pollution, over-abstraction of water, agricultural intensification
  • 3. Develop ecologically robust and varied landscapes - maintaining a diversity of habitats and allowing natural processes to shape the ecology and structure of whole landscapes will give wildlife the best chance to survive and adapt
  • 4. Create ecological networks by protecting, creating and restoring habitats - making it easier for species to move through the landscape will allow wildlife to spread and give it the space it needs to recover 


Members Survey 'Help us to shape our Future'. results Feb 2021

It is truly inspiring and educational to read member's comments and to be reminded how much Devon's future and our natural world means to you.

Nearly 1,400 of you took the time to complete the survey and share your views. You can see the results of the survey by clicking here. 

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