Take local action to bring global change

We need to work fast to reach the targets set locally, nationally and globally to lower carbon emissions and prevent climate and ecological catastrophe.

ACT, short for Action on Climate in Teignbridge, was set up in 2019 to help residents and councils build climate friendly communities and sustainable economies across Teignbridge. ACT is working to understand the problems, identify the changes needed, share information and ideas, and propose effective actions.


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Built Environment and Energy

The purpose of the ACT Built Environment and Energy group is to propose realistic policies and initiatives necessary to meet Teignbridge District Council’s declared net-zero carbon objective.

The working group meets regularly every 4 weeks (currently by Zoom). Please contact the group coordinator if you would like to join us. Everyone is welcome to discuss, plan or implement the actions needed to achieve our purpose.

We need to cooperate with others, nationally, regionally and locally. Our focus, however, will be on working locally within Teignbridge. Not only do we need to learn/share best practice, but we also need to bring our community with us if we are to be successful in delivering a sea-change in attitudes and behaviour.


Ecology Group

The ACT Ecology Group’s role is to highlight the links between the climate emergency and the ecological emergency and ensure the loss of our wildlife and the likely extinction of many of our local species is understood better.

This large group includes many excellent local ecologists with a variety of specialisms. We are seeking national research as well as local experience to help us. Our purpose is to find ways of engaging communities with their own wildlife so they understand its importance, find out how to look after it and enjoy it more!

We are working on local actions that will involve local and national organisations, concentrating first on projects that are effective, relatively easy and that our communities can be involved in.


Economy and Business Group

The role of the new ACT Economy and Business Group is to build relationships that enable an ambitious economic transformation to help us build a regenerative economy that can sustain us, and give pride, to people in Teignbridge for generations to come. Our purpose is to educate, communicate, collaborate across the district, and to propose realistic policies and initiatives necessary to meeting Teignbridge District Council declared objective of a carbon neutral Teignbridge by 2025.

The working group is doing this by cooperating with others, locally, regionally and nationally. Not only do we need to learn/share best practice, we also need to bring our community with us if we are to be successful in delivering a sea-change in attitudes and behaviour for a modern economy. This work across the district seeks to be an important part of the puzzle for the green recovery we need to help us move through the covid crisis, the climate and ecological crises, and the economic changes needed to resolve them.


Food, Farming and Forestry Group

The ACT Food, Farming and Forestry Group’s role is to find out which areas have the greatest effect on climate change – both positive and negative.  Our purpose is to propose realistic policies/initiatives which can reduce CO2, methane, ammonia and other polluting emissions and help us to meet Teignbridge’s declared zero carbon objective.

Our large group includes specialists in all three areas and crossover areas too. The group will look for reliable research on the topics we cover, as well as using local experience. We will use the information to find proven and/or innovative ways to reduce the footprint of our local foods. We will similarly look for the best ways to increase carbon sequestration by both the forestry and farming industries.

We hope to improve the local food system/economy, reducing food poverty and increasing skills. We will work with the local food, farming and forestry industries and our Teignbridge communities to carry out priority actions that will be effective, relatively easy and popular, so people get involved and enjoy the challenge.


Public Engagement Group

The role of the ACT Public Engagement Group is to support, help and encourage the widest possible participation by all members of the public, town and parish councils and community groups in Teignbridge in our shared enterprise of tackling the climate emergency.

In order to do this our current and planned activities include: running the ACT website; producing the ACT newsletter; using all forms of media including social, print and broadcast; running public meetings; supporting town and parish councils; encouraging lobbying and working with schools.


Transport Group

The role of the ACT Transport Group is to gather carbon emission and energy related data for the theme of transport in Teignbridge.  Our purpose is to propose realistic policies/initiatives necessary to meeting the declared zero carbon objective.

The group will do this by cooperating with others, nationally, regionally and locally.  Not only do we need to learn/share best practice, but we also need to bring our community with us if we are to be successful in delivering a sea-change in attitudes and behaviour.


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