Fridays for Future Exeter is a group of teenagers (and beyond) united under a common goal: to bring the climate crisis into public conversation in order to pressure institutions to act now so that our futures - and those already experiencing the impacts - are protected. We have grown from a handful of kids in January with a crazy plan to shout at Devon County Council, to a loud-mouthed organisation with around 20 active members, demanding that local establishments (mostly the councils) treat the crisis appropriately (ie. put into place our 14 page long Green New Deal for Devon). Inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg (and the dire actions of our government), we have held some form of public event almost every month since February 2019, ranging from small assemblies to general strikes ~5,000 strong as part of an international strike.

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Green New Deal for Devon


The Green New Deal is a set of five principles to guide a policy plan that will entirely decarbonise and fundamentally restructure our economy to deliver good jobs and a habitable future.

PRINCIPLE 1 Decarbonise for Social Justice

Totally decarbonise the economy of Devon in a way that enhances the lives of ordinary people, workers and communities and works to eliminate social and economic inequality.

PRINCIPLE 2 Create Sustainable Jobs

Create new green, well-paid, secure, unionised jobs across the county guaranteeing healthy and fulfilling livelihoods for all workers, and communities including those in today’s high emissions sectors.

PRINCIPLE 3 Transform the Political Economy

Transform our economy to place human and ecological well-being and prosperity at its centre; enable democratic participation, accountability and common ownership. Our economy must work in the interests of everyone, which means empowering those communities currently marginalised.

PRINCIPLE 4 Protect and Restore Nature

Protect and restore vital habitats and carbon sinks, including forests and wild areas, and ensure the provision of clean water, air, green spaces and a healthy environment for all.

PRINCIPLE 5 Global Justice

Promote global justice by supporting all peoples and countries to decarbonise quickly and fairly, in line with timeframes set out by science, including through transfers of resources, finance and technology from historic emitters in the Global North to the Global South 


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