Shaping the future of transport across the South West

Peninsula Transport is developing a regional transport strategy, which plans and prioritises strategic infrastructure across the peninsula over the next thirty years.

As part of this work, Peninsula Transport is consulting on its vision and goals for the South West transport network. This is a key milestone in developing the longer term plan for transport as the vision will define the overall direction and principles of the strategy.

Your thoughts are important at this early stage, as contributions will help us understand the transport needs of those living, working and travelling within the peninsula. We need to know if you share our vision, goals and ultimately if we are moving in the right direction.

Get involved

Peninsula Transport invites you to read the vision document and take part in the consultation by filling out our short feedback survey. The deadline for comments is 17 September 2021.

The feedback will be used to help shape the development of the full transport strategy. 


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We will improve connections between people, businesses, and places Investment into our strategic road and rail networks means more people can access transport options across the peninsula. Better access to transport reduces inequality in society with better access to education, skills and employment. It helps foster new jobs, new homes and, with careful planning, it can be sensitive to the environment.

We will enhance the resilience of the transport network Resilience and reliability are fundamental to any good transport network. We want to enhance these factors across our peninsula, for both people and goods.
By providing better information, people are equipped to plan their journeys more efficiently, reducing journey time, increasing productivity and improving our region’s ability to respond to climate change and/or severe weather events.

We will deliver affordable, zero-emissions transport for everyone Our goal is to deliver a net-zero carbon transport system across the peninsula. By promoting walking and cycling alongside making the case for improvements to public transport, so that it fits the needs of more users, we can reduce demand for using cars. Together with better digital services enabling working from home, they can contribute towards a lower carbon future. Ultra low emission charging facilities will be essential to improving air quality and the switch away from fossil fuels, so we will work to deliver a charging/refuelling network for private and commercial use.

We will help to improve the health and wellbeing of communities in the Peninsula Communities thrive where there is choice and access to better transport. Our aim is to improve affordability, choice, safety and opportunity to more communities and more people. We want to see improved public transport, linked to more walking and cycling options across the peninsula. We will provide information and enable more people to access a greater range of transport options.

We will help the Peninsula to be a great place to live and work Our peninsula is a great place to live and work and we want to make it even better for everyone. By supporting the delivery of new homes and jobs in places where people have travel choices and the information they need, we can all benefit. Our outstanding natural environment and biodiversity are vital assets that must be considered at the start of, and throughout, our projects. We will take a collective, pragmatic approach, that maximises access to mobility but protects the very characteristics that make our peninsula so special. 


Hartstongue says:

How do Peninsula Transport's goals tie-in with the transport aims of the interim Devon Carbon Plan 

The news page of Peninsula Transport's website deals in their support for new road schemes. 

However minutes from Peninsula Transport's recent meetings include support for the government's National Bus Scheme (Bus Back Better). 

Help move the South West in a more sustainable direction by putting your views forward in Peninsula Transport's consultation survey (deadline 17th September 2021) 


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