Think Global:

Have you, like me, been inspired by the children who are striking for climate action?

These children are worried about climate change and what it will mean to their future. Did you worry about Nuclear War if you grew up during the Cold War? You may have joined CND, or marched to a peace camp. Remember the person that you were. I remember waking in the night when I was a teenager. The sky outside was orange from the glow of sodium streetlights, but for a brief moment I thought it was the glow of bombs. My sister joined one of the peace camp.

These children are striking because we can't just keep on doing the same old things. Throughout history, we have changed our ways because the old ways didn't work any more. Devonians have marched during the Anarchy, in the Wars of the Roses, during the Prayer Book Rebellion, in the English Civil War, during the Monmouth Rebellion, in the Glorious Revolution, during the Chartist Movement, in the Suffragette Movement, during the Cold War. Devonians have demonstrated in Pole Tax protests, Live Export protests, in the Countryside Alliance march. Devonians have protested for and against the European Union.

Protest works. Protest can change things. And the way that change manifests itself is through the actions of people. Yes , the actions of politicians are important, but also the actions of the people who vote. Yes, the actions of company directors are important, but also the actions of the people who buy their products. If people didn't make a difference then companies would not spend money on advertising.

These children are striking to change the ways in which all of us act.

Children are our hope, but not because they can save us.

Children are our hope, because we can save them.

Here are some ways you can help Planet A

Act Local:

Follow #ClimateStrikeOnline on social media. Find and follow strikers in your area, share and like their posts. #DigitalStrike

Find your local wildlife on your #LockdownWalk. Enjoy your local weeds and other wildflowers and trees. Birds are often the most obvious local wildlife, even in the biggest cities you can be an @UrbanBirder

Citizen Science brings the local knowledge back to our global store of knowledge. Submit your sitings and images to local wildlife trusts and regional bird recorders.

Join a local wildlife group. Wildlife is not just on a David Attenborough programme. Wildlife is also in the field beyond the road. Local groups (alongside Farmers) help to maintain all that is green and pleasant in the Devon countryside.

Make an #EndOfLockdownPlan. How has your life been changed by the Coronavirus pandemic? After the end of lockdown can you go back to a new normal? Can you work from home one day a week? Or two days? Can keep supporting the local shops that have been supporting us during lockdown? Do you need the costs of a car? Can you work closer to home? Can you use public transport?

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