Everywhere and under our noses, some plants seem common to us and yet, like us, they are in fact extraordinary, humble, powerful and resilient. Our focus is perennial; trees, dyes and herbs. Perennial vegetables are grown to say ‘thanks’ to our wonderful volunteers.

All the trees are planted now on this small, highly productive speck of space in south Devon. Half of the 2 hectares is a border of 1, 700 of 11 mixed species. Within this we have an orchard of locally sourced fruit trees and community growing spaces for herbs and dye plants.

All the species are useful to us and will be harvested for their edible, medicinal, veterinary, pigmentation and horticultural properties. We are still in the process of becoming, growing and market testing products.

Our work with people most adversely affected by the pandemic is starting. Qualified therapists and play workers have joined us. We have started to deliver sessions for a local charity works to enrich the lives of neuro diverse young people.


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We are certified organic with BDA Certification, providing habitat for the local wildlife, rooted in the local community and economy. We use the principles of regenerative agroecology, permaculture and local economy. We are members of the Landworkers Alliance. We are registered as a company limited by guarantee. We are members of Nature Recovery Network and have been selected to be part of the Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme. This is a social business, not for profit, responsible and ethical.

We are currently Jane an ethnobotanist, Sam a textile artist dong a PhD in natural dyes, Sophie growing dyes to print cloth and Ruby growing herbs. We have an Occupational Therapist, Play Therapists and soon psychotherapists all using the natural world to enhance recovery from physical and mental trauma and wellbeing. All our people are experts in their fields, qualified and insured. On temporary placements we have David new to growing and also helping us to finish our strawbale barn.

Please make contact if you would like to join us or ask us anything. We will not share your details. Keep in touch on social.


The Offer

Our space is perfect for you to come to rest and recuperate. We are a beautiful setting in the heart of rural south Devon, with an orchard, new strawbale barn and growing spaces. Surrounded by a young woodland with views across hills, our site is dedicated to increasing biodiversity and human wellbeing. We have a programme of land and plant, therapy and play based activities in the making. Let us know via the contact form if we can keep you updated on this work. Also make contact if you think you could use our special site for your work.

The Request

We are looking for people to join us on the journey by investing their time or resources into our vision. Set in the red earth of the south Devon landscape, south facing, organically certified, we have a strawbale built barn, growing spaces and soon large pond on 2 hectares. Half the site is young woodland and orchard. Our business plan is based on harvesting from trees and perrenials to make small batch high value products for largely non food uses. The site is not open to the public so provides peace and tranquility for people to recuperate and learn about themselves and the natural world. Please make contact if this is something which interests you.

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